Operating context: Africa Oil Kenya (AOK) is one of the leading companies in Kenya involved in oil exploration activities. We operate Block 9, in the Cretaceous Rift system in Northern Kenya between Marsabit in the west and Wajir in the east, and are Joint Venture partners, with Tullow Oil as operators, in the East African Tertiary Rift trend in the North West of the country around Lake Turkana. (Read More...)

Development context: Africa Oil Kenya's activities are located in the remote and arid northern areas of the country which are sparsely populated with pastoralist communities. In these areas, there is limited infrastructure, a strong reliance on emergency food rations, poor access to education and insufficient health services. These conditions result in low literacy, poor health, and high levels of poverty.

A growing oil and gas sector presents an exciting opportunity for Kenya to greatly benefit through effective resource management, job creation and business growth. However, the resource sector in Kenya is still in its early stages and there is an absence of relevant education and training programs focused on the oil and gas sector, resulting in a gap between locally available skills and capacities and the anticipated needs in the labour market.

Within this context, Africa Oil's community development activities are focused on improving community health and infrastructure, education and skills development, increasing access to energy and supporting sustainable livelihoods and economic development.

The following are a list of the projects supported by Africa Oil

Community Health
  • Construction of Laisamis District Hospital 
  • Construction of water pipe to Laisamis Hospital
  • Provision of clinical and medical supplies to Logologo Dispensary
  • Community water points and WASHE programs across ( Laisamis,  Marsabit County)
Education and Skills
  • Construction of classrooms (Isiolo County)
  • Provision of school supplies including math and science materials, various districts  ( Turkana, Laisamis)
  • Scholarships and bursaries (Laisamis, Turkana)
  • Scoping study of educational and skills required for emerging up stream oil and gas sector (Lundin Foundation)
  • Scholarships to Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and National Oil Corporation to attend training at PETRAD (from Foundation)
Access to Energy
  • Provision of cookstoves
  • One Child One Lamp
  • M-Kopa Kenya  (Lundin Foundation)
Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic development
  • Facilitate solar company to set up local sales agent
  • One day Veterinary clinic in Kaisut to in support of pastoralist communities
  • Local Sourcing
  • Turkana Basin Institute

Spotlight on Initiatives

Community Health: Laisamis District Hospital

Africa Oil, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, funded the construction and water piping for the only District Hospital in Laisamis. Since its completion, the District Health Officer has now located his office at the Hospital and the hospital is actively treating outpatients. The hospital is now treating over 75 patients a week.

Access to Energy: One Child One Lamp

Over 70% of rural Kenyans lack access to electricity and rely on kerosene for lighting needs. This is has negative health, safety and education outcomes and the price of kerosene is often too expensive for the predominantly subsistent households in the northern areas.

Since 2011, Africa Oil has run One Child One Lamp, a program that provides solar lamps to school aged children to improve quality of education. Africa Oil has continued to evolve the program to respond to community feedback an in 2013, launched classroom workshops on solar energy and worked with local solar energy supplier to set up a sales agent in the community to improve local support and strengthen the local distribution point while creating an income generating opportunity for the sales agent. To date, Africa Oil has distributed lamps to over 3000 students in 9 schools in the Laisamis District. Initial assessment of the impact indicates that the provision of lamps has resulted in increased school attendance and increased interest among students on the science behind solar lighting.

Access to Energy: M-Kopa

To address limited access to energy at a national level, the Lundin Foundation has made a catalytic investment into M-Kopa -- an innovative mobile technology company that is enabling rural customers to access energy products. The Foundation's debt and equity investment supported the commercial launch of M-Kopa's first energy product (home solar lighting and phone charging system) in 2012 and has since reached close to 25,000 clients in the first twelve month of operations.

Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic Development: Local Sourcing

Africa Oil is committed to maximizing the local benefits of its operations and focuses on opportunities to integrate local businesses into its supply chain and creating jobs for the local workforce. Given the active exploration activities in Block 9, Africa Oil has placed special emphasis on hiring and sourcing from communities located closest to exploration activities. Africa Oil has a procurement process which prioritise sourcing and hiring from communities in the following order: locations closest to exploration activity, county level and national level. During the first two months of operations in and around Bahasi well in Kenya, AOK has spent over $60,000 sourcing local labour, water services, vehicles and drivers and hospitality services from local communities.

Education and Skills Building:

Education Scoping Study for Oil and Gas Sector

In 2013, the Lundin Foundation commissioned a scoping study on the educational and skill requirements needed to support the projected growth of the oil and gas sector in Kenya. The results of the study are to be released in September 2013 and will be shared broadly with key stakeholders in Kenya to generate opportunities for collaboration.

PETRAD Scholarships

The Foundation has also provided scholarships for the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and the National Oil Corporation of Kenya to attend an 8 week training program offered by PETRAD -- a global leader in training for the oil and gas sector -- in the latter half of 2013.